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Anyone who has inherited a bag from their parents or grandparents knows the feeling of high-quality fabric with beautiful patina. The bag has often been repaired several times and still looks great. We think – that’s how it should be. This results in our design claim to combine timeless shapes and colours into function and to create long-standing favourite companions.

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Designer ideas

Learn more about the ideas of our designers in the process of creating some of our favorite designs.

Nordlicht Designs


Smilla is our design classic and has been in the range for nine years now. Even a larger purchase fits in and folded up the bag is practically small. The shape also adapts wonderfully to the body. Smilla is a subtle but special addition to your wardrobe.

Nordlicht Designs


At Finja, our design team focuses on the variable and practical everyday function. Depending on your needs, you can carry Finja as a handbag or shoulder bag. In the practical insertion bag at the front, something can be quickly stowed away. The main compartment has a zipper so you can transport your most important things safely.

We find – the new bag Finja in clean Nordlicht design with thoughtful function has the potential to become a favorite bag.

Nordlicht DESIGNS


Jonte is also variable wearable. You can close the backpack at the top or bottom in three different places. You can even clamp a jacket under the flap. At the same time, the main compartment can be securely closed with a zipper, at the rear outside there is a zipper compartment and even a plug-in compartment at the front. Thus Jonte should be the functional all-rounder in everyday life.

The new design is also clearly timeless – so you can enjoy your backpack for a long time.

Nordlicht designs


Friis is 8cm shorter than Jonte & Tamo and therefore ideal as a small daypack or for small people. Despite the compact size, there is of course room for a laptop compartment.

On the main compartment, as with all backpacks, there is a zipper. This allows the backpack to be well filled with the assurance that nothing can fail.

Nordlicht DESIGNS


The shape of a bucket bag is a real classic. At the same time, she is currently (again) experiencing a revival. Our design team is convinced that a Nordlicht-style bag has what it takes to be a long-lasting favorite bag. We go one step further in terms of functionality and make Janna variably portable – as a bag and backpack! In addition, the bag is also available in the small version with two different length carriers.


Made of natural materials.

For our products we use durable fabrics such as high-quality leather, canvas, organic cotton and waterproof kraft paper.

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