Economy for the Common Good

Economy for the Common Good

Instead of growth

What exactly is the Economy for the Common Good?

The Economy for the Common Good is an alternative to the existing economic model of capitalism with its pursuit of profit and constant growth. The overarching goal is a good life for all people. The idea behind it: The state supports companies that produce in an environmentally friendly manner and pay their employees fairly. Cheap loans and tax breaks give them a clear advantage and enable them to operate even more successfully. Bit by bit, a sustainable and socially just economic system could emerge. You can find out more about this here.

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ethics & values for the common good

Sustainability, transparency and co-determination

It is an ethical market economy based on basic human values. The focus is on human dignity, solidarity and justice, ecological sustainability, transparency and co-determination. Values shared by almost all democratic constitutions. However, these parent values are only a suggestion. The concept envisages that they will be developed together in a democratic process.

Nordlicht works according to the ethical economic model of the Economy for the Common Good, in which the focus is not on profit maximization and the need to grow, but on values that promote the common good. In contrast to the classical economic model, the ECG puts the well-being of people and nature first and money is the means to increase the common good. Entrepreneurial success is not only measured by the surplus on the balance sheet, but also by the extent to which a company contributes to the common good.