vegetable tanned and lwg certified


We only use high-quality leather. This is the only way we can ensure the long-term use of the products. We use vegetable tanned leather from Europe. This means that the animal skin has been processed into soft and supple leather using plant extracts instead of chromium sulfate. All of our leather is PCP-free and contains neither azo dyes nor chromium VI. For a long time, vegetable tanning was the most common way of producing leather. There is evidence that vegetable tanning was already practiced around 5000 years ago. Today, the proportion of vegetable tanning in leather production is only around 10%.

People and nature are protected with this ecological production process. Due to the special treatment, the leather develops a completely natural patina over time, which is a sign of quality.

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Velvety soft suede

The sustainable one NORDLICHT Calla bag is made from the first sustainable suede leather evolo® from Italy. evolo® is an innovative production process that takes into account the environment and the principles of the circular economy and enables a more conscious and sustainable use of resources.[/ wpml-string]

sustainable suede