The sustainable one Nordlicht Sneakers made from AppleSkin are free of harmful substances and environmentally friendly. Good for you – good for the environment. The sneaker comes from a factory in Felgueiras, Portugal with long experience in sustainable shoe manufacturing. A sustainable alternative was developed for every single part of the shoe.

Uppers: AppleSkin made with recycled apple scraps
Feed: 100% organic cotton (kbA)
Sole: Natural rubber mixed with 8% recycled tennis balls
Insole: 50% coconut fiber, 50% natural latex = 100% natural
Heel cap: Recycled plastic
Laces: Organic cotton (organic)
Shoe box: FSC certified paper

Recycled raw materials | We are breaking new ground for our sneakers and using innovative, recycled materials, such as apple leftovers or tennis balls. The sole is made of a natural rubber that occurs in nature and is therefore biodegradable, unlike other sneakers.

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We found a specialist in Corfu, Greece for our sandals made of vegetable-tanned natural leather. The production of leather shoes is a long-standing traditional craft in Greece and the expertise of our factory is correspondingly great.

Many other sustainable labels are customers of our supplier and the quality of the sandals is outstanding. Also recognizable by the high-quality leather sole, which is surrounded by a seam in the last step. This is how fair-paid handcrafted sandals are created in Europe with short delivery times and long-lasting quality.

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