People Care When They Know.

We think that those who opt for sustainable products must know the background in order to be able to make a conscious decision. Nordlicht offers transparent and holistic insights: production costs, pricing, materials, manufacturing routes and supply chain.

Why? We all bear responsibility. We, too, as a company: with what we produce, how and where. We feel responsible for the ecological and social compatibility of our products, for future generations, for our employees. For us, responsibility also means proving to be reliable, transparent, liable and trustworthy towards our customers.

Open calculation

A product that is not produced at the expense of the environment, quality and employees cannot cost less than a conventional product. Find out here what exactly is meant by the individual blocks.

Nordlicht stands for transparent entrepreneurship and presents the price calculation openly. Especially as a small company, creative designs are often associated with high costs and we want to deal with them openly. Thank you for supporting a small, independent label. For more unique pieces and unique designs.

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Corporate Transparency



As a fair and sustainable label, we want to set a good example and transparently show how we produce our extraordinary designs. Through our contact address:, our production staff can contact us directly for complaints and we are committed to protecting employees from any retaliation.

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We are convinced that we can only be successful in the long term if our entrepreneurial activities are in harmony with people and the environment. With this knowledge, we try to live up to our responsibility – with the aim of becoming a little better every day.

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