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We visit our suppliers regularly to ensure the quality and fits of the collection. Our journey of discovery begins near Porto, where we receive a warm welcome from our production partner. The anticipation is palpable as we set off to a family business that has been producing high-quality products since 1981. Here in Portugal, the local industry has increasingly focused on sustainable practices in recent years. By using renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly production processes, it actively contributes to minimizing the ecological footprint.

Our family business with a tradition of craftsmanship

The second generation runs the family business, which is committed to traditional craftsmanship. Committed employees work here in an idyllic environment. Portugal, with its long tradition in textile production and highly qualified craftsmanship, enables the combination of tradition and modern production methods. This not only results in high-quality, long-lasting clothing, but also underlines the commitment to sustainability.

Visit to the second production facility

Our journey continues to the second production facility, which specializes in the production of woven products while being proud of its GOTS certification. This certification stands for strict ecological and social standards. Here we not only experience craftsmanship and precision, but also a contribution to a sustainable and ethically responsible production chain.

Final collection vote

After the final decisions for the collection have been made, the journey ends with an inspiring tour of both production facilities. This not only reveals the artful production of our collections, but also our commitment to ethics and environmental awareness. Family businesses in Portugal's textile industry not only rely on craftsmanship, but also on social responsibility. Working conditions are carefully controlled and the focus is on fair pay for workers. This contributes to an ethically responsible production chain. The short local supply chains not only minimize transport costs, but also help reduce the carbon footprint. This tour not only offers an insight into the world of fashion production, but also into a sustainable and socially responsible future for the textile industry.

Portugal's fashion industry

Sustainability and craftsmanship

Portugal has focused on environmental awareness and sustainability in the fashion industry, through renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly production processes. The expertise of highly qualified craftsmen combines tradition with modern methods, creating long-lasting clothing and emphasizing social responsibility.

 Family businesses ensure controlled working conditions and fair pay, which contributes to an ethical and sustainable production chain. The proximity of production facilities enables short supply chains, reduces the carbon footprint and promotes the overall sustainability of the production process.