Climate-neutral locations

We are aware that our entrepreneurial activities place a strain on our environment and that our planet's resources are finite. We accept this responsibility and are therefore constantly working to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. That's why we've teamed up with Climate Partner; they support companies like us in strategically addressing climate protection within the company. Last year we started calculating our corporate footprint and made our locations in Germany climate neutral.

Companies, processes and products are climate neutral if their CO2 emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognized climate protection projects. In addition to avoidance and reduction, this compensation of CO2 emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection.

Climate protection projects have been proven to save greenhouse gases and make an important contribution to combating global warming. In addition, they promote sustainable development in the project countries, for example by improving the supply of clean drinking water, expanding local infrastructure, creating jobs or protecting biodiversity.

In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we support a project to reduce ocean plastic. More on this:

Marine plastic project


Sustainable shipping


Climate neutral shipping

By participating in the DHL Go Green program, all emissions caused by parcel shipping within Germany are kept as low as possible and offset through several climate projects.

In addition, our shipping box consists of 40% regional grass and 60% recycled paper. The cardboard is therefore 100% recyclable and also saves energy, water and greenhouse gases compared to conventional virgin paper fiber production. Instead of single-use plastic, your new centerpiece will be delivered in a reusable bag. This is a great place to store your bags or shoes and protect them from dust.


Sustainable materials

Natural, high-quality materials and timeless designs guarantee long-term use of your new favorite companion. We use natural & durable natural materials such as high-quality leather, canvas, organic cotton and waterproof kraft paper for our products. Of course, our materials are independently tested and are free of harmful substances.


We use recyclable, natural & long-lasting raw materials.


We use recyclable & long-lasting raw materials.