Climate-neutral locations

We are aware that our entrepreneurial activity is associated with a carbon footprint and that the resources of our planet are finite. We take our responsibility seriously and are therefore constantly working to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. That’s why we partnered with Climate Partner, helping companies like us to strategically address climate protection in the company. Last year, we started calculating our company footprint and made our locations in Germany climate-neutral.

Companies, processes and products are climate neutral when their CO2 emissions have been calculated and compensated by support for internationally recognised climate protection projects. This compensation of CO2 emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection, in addition to prevention and reduction.

Climate protection projects have been shown to save greenhouse gases and make an important contribution to combating global warming. In addition, they promote sustainable development in the project countries, for example by improving the supply of clean drinking water, developing local infrastructure, creating jobs or protecting biodiversity.

In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we support a project to reduce marine plastics. For more information:

Project Marine Plastic

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Sustainable Shipping


Climate-neutral shipping

By participating in the DHL Go Green Program, all emissions generated by parcel shipments within Germany are kept to a minimum and compensated for by several climate projects.

In addition, 40% of our shipping carton is made of regional grass and 60% of waste paper. The carton can thus be recyclable to 100% and also saves energy, water and greenhouse gases compared to conventional paper fresh fibre production. Instead of disposable plastic, your new favourite bag is delivered in a multi-use bag. You can store your bags or shoes in this bag and protect them from dust.

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Sustainable Materials

Natural, high-quality materials & timeless designs guarantee you the long-term use of your new favorite companion.

We use natural & durable natural materials such as high-quality leather, canvas, organic cotton and waterproof kraft paper for our products. Of course, our materials are independently tested and are free of pollutants.


CANVAS | Organic cotton

Our canvas is made of natural cotton and still water-repellent. The solid, robust material is the basis of all our products as it is extremely durable, easy to clean and natural.

We use certified organic cotton. It is produced under strict ecological conditions – without chemical fertilizers, without pesticides and with a lower water consumption than with conventional cultivation methods. Genetic engineering is also taboo. Because we want you to feel good with our product.



We only use high-quality leather. Only in this way can we ensure the long-term use of the products. Of course, our leather is free of any pollutants, such as e.g. ChromVI. We ensure this with the help of independent audits. Furthermore, we are increasingly using vegetabile tanning. Vegetable or plant tanning, is a particularly gentle method for humans and the environment. Vegetable tanned leather is characterized by the fact that the tanning of the leather is carried out exclusively with plant parts. For this purpose especially barks are suitable, for example of oaks, spruce or birch trees, but also leaves of olive trees. The vegetabile tanning was for a long time the most common way to make leather. Evidence shows that plant tanning was carried out about 5000 years ago. Today, the proportion of vegetable tanning is only about 10% in leather production. Our goal is to use only vegetabil tanned leather.

Due to the gentle treatment, the leather develops over time a completely natural patina, which is a quality feature.



Why is our paper a sustainable, vegan and environmentally friendly material? Our kraft paper consists mostly of natural fibres and is solidified with latex. It is free of pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA and is therefore neither harmful to the environment nor health. The material is not only robust and PETA certified vegan, but also resistant to all dirt particles. That’s why our kraft paper is the perfect vegan leather alternative.

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We use recyclable, natural & durable raw materials.


We use recyclable & durable raw materials.